Imagine 50 people speaking at once and being heard.

Converge is one of the top rising real-time collaboration software platforms in the industry. The platform that can be embedded into your consultancy process for high impact stakeholder engagement at key points in your methodology. It’s a modern platform designed for performance and security, but with an easy user interface whether your participants are executive team members from your client or consumers providing market feedback on a product or brand idea. It’s been developed by a team that has over 25 years of experience in facilitating consulting sessions AND working with a wide range of consultancies like yours. Quite simply, it’s the next level in collaboration and we are pleased to introduce you to Converge.

What Differentiates Converge

Connect vs. Engage. What 2020/2021 have taught us all is that simply connecting to stakeholders is not enough. Converge is a completely different approach—it is designed for simultaneous and anonymous response to critical questions around strategy, brand, culture, values, organizational purpose and market messages. It allows you to really engage participants to draw out critical experiences and insights that will be essential in your consulting. Most sessions are 25-75 participants, a mix of open qualitative questions and quantitative assessments, conducted in 60-90 minutes and guided by a facilitator.

Feature Highlights

Dynamic Language Translation

Run sessions in multiple the same time.

AI Text Analysis

Summarize text activities on the fly for immediate prioritization.

Easy User Interface

A key to engaging participants is having an easy, trouble free user interface and experience. Everyone wants to have their voice heard it’s just that most platforms create more noise than they do opportunity to be heard.

Wide Set of Tools

Simple brainstorming for fast idea generation. POV statements for more detail and emotional insight. The ability to summarize input and immediately prioritize it. Share media where you can show a video or ad for feedback. An integrated survey tool to mix in question types, assess different scenarios.

Built For Performance

Real engagement at the participant level means that the platform works at the speed of your mind…guided, of course, by your fingers on the keyboard. Time matters in high performance sessions, you get more from your participants both in quantity of ideas and quality of thought.

Ready for Analysis

You can immediately produce a Word/PDF deliverable as well as an Excel file for deeper analysis. Converge automatically consolidates the results of multiple common sessions. We know of no other platform that can do that.

Enterprise Security

Converge is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant -- having had an independent assessment of security safeguards covering five total trust service principles (TSPs): security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. As part of the assessment, a cloud-based vendor hosts independent inspectors, provides them with documentation of controls, and allows their systems to be sampled and tested.

converge is soc 2 type 2 compliant

4 Simple Steps to a Converge Session

Create Your Session

Customize when the session will be, who will be invited and the context of the session.

  • Automated Registration Engine

    Upload a list of invitees and hit send. Converge will handle the emails, calendar invites, one-click secure login credentials and send out reminders the day of the session.

  • Multiple Participant Groups

    Run the session against different groups of people to consolidate a common agenda across different geographies or demographics.

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Add Your Agenda Activities

Customize the activities for your participants. The agenda becomes a roadmap to meet your clients' objectives.

  • Core Activities

    Core activities include open brainstorming, rate, select and survey. The combination of these activities creates a powerful experience for your participants.

  • Agenda Library

    Session agendas can be saved as templates into your "library". Common examples include: product launch, strategic development, crisis management etc.

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Let Everyone Be Heard!

At the time of your session sit back and watch the data come in. Listen to what 50 (or more) people speaking all at once sounds like.

  • Realtime Results

    Participant responses are instantly seen in the results window. Open brainstorm lists, rate graphs, survey and select results all populate to paint a picture with words and data.

  • VOIP & Presentation Controls

    Participants can join the conference call via their browser or traditional phone. Facilitators have fine tuned control over agenda flow, activity duration and overall session pace.

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Analyze The Results

When the session has concluded export the data to any of the options available below:

  • Word/PDF Deliverable

    Once click formatted Word/PDF output.

  • Excel

    One click formatted Excel output in workable format.

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Who is Using Converge?

Converge is being used by leading consultancies to support their client engagements across a wide set of disciplines: strategic planning, brand development and communications, organization core purpose, culture development and feedback, consumer research sessions, mission/vision/values, customer journey experiences. Take a look at some of our Converge customers and how they have even created a unique identity for the platform for their markets:

Converge Use Cases

Converge is being used in the market by consultancies today to engage key stakeholders in the support of their projects and the acceleration of the impact of those projects. This is all about developing the insights to create meaningful change at the client level. Here are some recent use cases where the Converge platform has been hard at work:

Request a Converge Demo

Don’t take our word for it. Experience Converge to see if it might have the impact you are looking for to support your consulting services. Schedule a 30 minute hands on demo with our team. It’s ideal to have a team of 3-5 colleagues so you do some real ideation and issue assessment and see how easy—and compelling—Converge is as a platform. Your demo will be conducted by an experienced facilitation team that can also answer the questions you may have about how to get started with Converge and how it can impact your work: